Patriot’s Chain – Anthony Dennis

The ground is furrowed and flattened with snow.
We are “post-,” “post-” everything now.

The world is either very old or very young.
It is hard to tell in the whiteness.
I would marry, but what’s the use?

Montaigne frets in his grave tonight.
There is no one to read his Essays.

Churchill rails against the new
fascism, which is like the old fascism but
no one listens.

The illustrious dead give up and link hands,
forming a long chain of unmet expectations.
A brawny patriot leans down and pulls the
chain tight across the nation.

Anthony DennisAnthony J. Dennis is an author, lawyer, poet and human rights activist. His poetry has appeared in a variety of literary magazines over the years including, most recently, Sons and Daughters Literary Journal (December, 2019) and The Scriblerus (Fall, 2018). He has written dozens of articles for academic journals, newspapers and magazines. Dennis holds degrees in law, literature and history from Northwestern University School of Law and Tufts University.