One Memory I Had of Summer – Gina Ferrara

The fence obscured by honeysuckle
with numberless trumpets heralding
droplets, miniscule beads of nectar.

A jet scrapes the sky, scratches reality
the white line straight without intersection
leaves only part of a cross traveling one way
in an uninterrupted soliloquy further south.

Every day lily opens without secret,
the mottled and the solid
mouth silent arias, unabashed and blooming.

The bird house replicates our own
wood painted in moon beam, evergreen shutters,
and silver dollar sized apertures constricted in refusals,
too narrow for even the smallest sparrow to enter.

Gina FerraraGina Ferrara lives in New Orleans.  Her collections include The Size of Sparrows (Finishing Line Press 2006) Ethereal Avalanche (Trembling Pillow Press 2009) Amber Porch Light  (CW Books 2013) and Carville:  Amid Moss and Resurrection Fern (FLP 2014).  Her latest collection Fitting the Sixth Finger:  Poems Inspired by the Paintings of  Marc Chagall is forthcoming from Aldrich Press.  She teaches English and creative writing at Delgado Community College.   Her poetry has appeared in Callaloo, anderbo, Valley Voices and others.  In 2013 and 2016 she was nominated for a Pushcart