Numbers – Isabella Colalillo Katz

There are numbers like 5
+ the robin in the peach tree
whose song is perfect as the flavour of π

loud mouthed sirens run the 15/04/05 night
a razor blade
vocalizing a new language
the turbulence of time
a jet whistling in the moody day
the sacred number 7

did you say envelopes always have to be licked shut?
opened when they come through mail slots
in the guise of woes
muddy earth
moonlight a tirade on his tired skin
2ice born?

oh, please stop the painful throat singing
it is ≤ John Wood’s dying
in the bathtub on the Monday I didn’t call him
dying by his own hand
as I was driving through the cemetery
sunlight was 8+2
and still does not equal anything but One
do you get that?

where is Einstein…?

Isabella C Katz.jpgIsabella Colalillo Katz is a poet, writer, editor, translator and storyteller based in Toronto, Ontario. Isabella is the author of three books of poetry, Tasting Fire (Guernica, l999), And Light Remains (Guernica, 2006), Marlene Dietrich’s Eyes (Ekstasis, 2014). Her poetry appears in numerous journals and anthologies and the CD Re-writing Cities, Rewriting Self (2013). Isabella lives and works in Toronto.