My dead father visits me on my birthday every year – Scott Ferry

this year it is when i drive
down talbot rd on my way to work
he unfolds his glinting body all over my torso

and the cottonwoods along the road
glow magnetic and my eyes slip with water
and he is telling me how much he loves

his grandson and that my road will
tear like printer paper
in places but to keep driving

and keep forgiving what time does
and that my wife will stand me taller
and my daughter cries music and art

and my mother will die soon
and my sister will help her come to
him when her clock stops

all of this happens in about 30 seconds
i have heard there is no time
on the other side so how does he know

when to dive into the lashing current
to find me in a vehicle
and give me half a minute

of whispers which wet
the wheel? does he watch
the bloodied river

screech and roll until i am
drenched enough
to listen?

Scott FerryScott Ferry helps our Veterans heal as a RN. He has recent work in American Journal of Poetry, Misfit, Cultural Weekly, and many more. He has 2 books: The only thing that makes sense is to grow (Moon Tide 2020) and Mr. Rogers Kills Fruit Flies (Main St. Rag 2020). More of his work can be found @