Letters from My Grandsons – Sherri Wright

I retrieved a dozen little cards from the recycling bin after I had thrown them away.   Tiny words are all crammed into the top inch and the rest of the page is bare except for a large signature at the bottom.  Thank you for the book smeared in black ink. Thank you for the Christmas present in faded pencil. The effort is evident in erasure marks, finger smudges, and scribble outs. I can see their mothers standing over them at the dining room table.

One card shows a stick figure Jack standing near his bunk bed in the pajamas I sewed for him.  A dialogue balloon with Thank You! flies over his head and each item is captioned and marked with arrows.  

Over the years the boys advance from manuscript with backwards letters and crooked lines to connected cursive and added details.  The sweatshirt fits perfecto. I really enjoyed swimming in the pool.  I love sitting on the couch reading with Sammy. I look forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving. Recently Harry has added requests. Please send the next book in the series. Grammy, you have to read The Hobbit. You’ll love it.

And always, the PS.  

PS: I’m coming to Rehoboth this summer. PS: I’m sorry to say we probably can’t come to Rehoboth this summer.  PS: Write back.    PS: Awesome 50$.    PS:  Love you.

I just can’t recycle the words and the feelings my boys have labored to capture in ink and art and pencil.

Sherri WrightSherri Wright lives in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware after a career in education at universities and the Federal government. Running, yoga, and volunteering at a center for homeless all figure into her writing. Her work has been published in a variety of on line and print journals and recently in three books: Our Last Walk, What I Didn’t Know, and District Lines Volume IV.