Late Night Talk Show Fantasy – Jennifer Dotson

The World Famous Poet
chuckles to the late night
talk show host’s banter
and the two trade
dazzling word play
for the cameras and
studio audience while

The world famous poet
regales them with her
wacky escapades of
readings at open-mics
in European capital cities
and college campuses
across America on a
never-ending tour
promoting her latest
full length book of
poetry that’s been translated
into seven languages and
is featured in a film
starring Meryl Streep

The World Famous Poet
keeps to herself that
it is neither the paparazzi
nor the inability to enjoy a
a restaurant meal without
someone suggesting
what would make a
really great poem,
it’s the anxiety that
the words will stop
coming at all.  Still

The World Famous Poet
drinks the champagne
and rides the bubbles
of public admiration
for her honest, accessible
verse and for making
poetry popular again
while not alienating
the academic crowd.

Jennifer Dotson is the founder and program coordinator for Her debut collection, Clever Gretel, received the Journal of Modern Poetry First Book Award and was published by Chicago Poetry Press in 2013. Her poems have been published After Hours, Exact Change Only, East on Central, DuPage Valley Review, Willow Review as well as assorted anthologies.