Japanese Kites – Peter Scacco

Launch your paper kites
into the winds
of a brash March sky
that boasts a bright spring
and conceals the throes
of a dying winter.
Fly them frantically
like Icarus
circling the sun
for there is winged hope
in the wakening
of irrational winds
winds that coldly slap
at flapping tails
and painted whiskers
winds that dare defy
the glowering stares
of fearsome samurai.

Peter ScaccoPeter L. Scacco is the author of six books of poetry ― A New Game (2017), Three Meditations (2016), The Gray Days (2014), Along a Path (2013), A Quiet Place (2012), Chiaroscuro (2010) ― and a translation of Théophile Gautier’s The Salon of 1850-51 (2018). Mr. Scacco also is an accomplished woodcut artist, whose work can be seen at www.scaccowoodcuts.com