It’s Like This – Ivy Page

We bring moments together by their ends,
clipped, woven, burned. Creating hours labeled as days.

The light from the sun during the minutes that collect
like puddles of honey at the end of a long summer,

aren’t enough to keep on illuminating during
the long nights. Nights that breath frozen fire.

The clearest of cold. Strong shoulders wait
to bear the burden of broken bodies.

Ivy PageIvy Page is a writer that lives in a beautiful and fierce countryside, New Hampshire, USA. Her work has been published in Boston Literary Magazine, Night Train, New Plains Review, Eleven Eleven, and Poetry Quarterly, among others. It has been anthologized internationally, and two full length collections have been published by Salmon Poetry of Ireland: Any Other Branch, 2013 and Elemental, 2016. Page also started OVS Magazine that has met with much success for five years. Chronic Neurological Lyme took away her energy, and her job as a college professor. She is now finding a new way to write and live her life with a disabling, incurable illness, all the while, trying to not lose her mind. 😉