I love what you did with your eyeliner – Sambhranta Bashyal

Sorry lady
I may have felt like the man
you were looking for
but I am just a thirsty boy in a desert town
bar hopping with a paper crown,
an old overcoat and daddy issues.
You look beautiful
and feel like sunshine
but I’m a night body
and a beehive
too dirty for your bedroom
and too crazy for your heart.
You may keep up
even try real hard
and fall in love
with another psychopath
but I am already taken
by someone else long gone.
So you have to make do
with whatever is left of the night
and having me
without the promise of having me forever
like a song that you listen to once
and love to death
but can never remember well enough
to listen to ever again.

Sambhranta BashyalSambhranta Bashyal is a writer currently based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He self-published a book of poems in 2017 called Vertigo. He is working on a second poetry book and a novel.