Half Light – Doug Bolling

I travel by night
By rain.

My toes curl inward
Feeling the long roads
The twist in the
shape of contours.

When you came through
The blue door into the
Center circle
Of me.

How the random shadows
Almost purred.

You saying:

We are of spaces & shapes.
We are made of light
& dark
in some
weird imbalance.

0ur walking the highways,
screech of rubber on
car war pavement.

It rained all those blocks.
0ur words became poolings
0f water that might have
crossed the moon.

In daylight
You saying:
In daylight I turn into
A pumpkin.

We were at 88th & Vine
Huddling in a
Half light.

Doug BollingDoug Bolling’s poems have appeared in Meat for Tea, Isthmus, Aji, Common Ground Review, The Missing Slate  (with interview), andPoetry Heist among others. He has received Best of the Net and Pushcart nominations and several awards and lives in the outlands of Chicago, loves the woodland treks and the shapeshifter called moon.