Glancing Back – Robert Manaster

As I kneel once more
To wash your back,
I notice your
First-grade nails
Are creamed over
Purple with glitter,
And as you bend
Over my arm,
I notice roundness,
Your simple-smooth
Body swaying ever
So slightly.
Your future is
A streamer
Lightly dyed in purple,
With each whirl.
How you’ll walk by
Aware of your
Body’s shape,
How you’ll sulk
Under shower-spray
And dream
Of a friend’s hand soothing
Your back.
How you’ll feel
Your heart’s
Dull thumping.

robert manasterRobert Manaster’s poetry and co-translations have appeared in numerous journals including Rosebud, The Virginia Quarterly Review, Image, Hayden’s Ferry Review, and Spillway. He’s also published reviews in such publications as Rattle, Jacket2, and Rain Taxi.