For the First Time in 200 Years, a New Blue Pigment is Up for Sale – Lenny DellaRocca

Picasso pulls the hairs out of his heavenly brushes, because Prussian blue
is now an old blue hat,
gone the way of ice boxes,
marbles and bell bottoms.
He’s as inconsolable as Theo was the day he heard about
Vincent, who loved French ultramarine.
But imagine what you could do
with this New Blue, Pablo,
skewed icon of POV
and fancy fractures.
Pablo shakes his oblong fist
at trapezoids of Jesus, Joseph,
and Mary.
Master, will you re-do your Blue
up there?
Do a Bluer Blue   Blue Period?
He designs New Blue baby dolls, dresses and boxers, New Blue Jeans,
because Stella McCartney channels him
from a song her daddy sang. [1]
She suits up Father Paul
in New Blue faux suede shoes.
Watch Sir Paul cross floodlights,
photographers snapping at his New Blue feet.
The New Blue Man.
Look at Pablo Paul, god of palettes
and tunes,
scrawl a New Blue X over the Devil’s Q
on a Texas billboard
to Blue away wicked lies of fire.
Georgia tweets fire is red. The Black Lady answers
no, its Blue!
Pablo paints a New Blue guitar in Heaven.
Paul records a New Blue song on Earth. Still, millions just ain’t gonna buy it.

[1] “Picasso’s Last Words” by Paul McCartney

Lenny DellaroccaLenny DellaRocca is founder and co-publisher of South Florida Poetry Journal-SoFloPoJo. His work has appeared since 1980 in various journals. His collection Things I See in the Fire won the Yellow Jacket Chapbook Contest some years back. He is working on his fifth full-length collection of poetry, Love in the Time of Wind Chimes.