Firebrand – Thomas McDade

The firebrand
had raggedy shirts
khakis and jeans
he’d wear to classes
upping his grades
in those taught
by professors
to the plight
of the poor,
but he didn’t need
shabby and ripped
when he jumped
up on the Gonzaga
Hall stage to incite
the student body
to march, protest, strike
or riot for a campus bar,
doors shut behind
female guests
in dorm rooms,
pass / fail or against
the Vietnam War
or campus seal
featuring the Jesuit
inquisitor who helped
burn philosopher
Giordano Bruno
at the stake.
The firebrand’s voice
was as sharp as the crease
in any righteous
rabble-rouser or politico

Thomas McDadeThomas M. McDade is a former computer programmer / analyst residing in Fredericksburg, VA, previously CT & RI. He is a graduate of Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT. McDade is twice a U.S. Navy Veteran serving ashore at the Fleet Anti-Air Warfare Training Center, Virginia Beach, VA. At sea aboard the USS Mullinnix (DD-944) and USS Miller (DE/FF 1091).