Feeling Empathy Outside of Santa Maria del Fiore – Adam Webb

Heartbroken, the stonemason decided to take revenge by creating a passive aggressive symbol of his love.

– Atlas Obscura

And the stone cow skull still keeps its eyes on the bakery.
Clouds, frosted with voices of foreigners,
melt into cobblestones
smelling of sun-dried animal skins.
Their souls, like stars,
sleep away
in a polychrome blink.
Delicate hands knead dough broken as a heart.

Adam WebbAdam Webb is poet, translator, and teacher originally from Hammond, Indiana but living in Hamamatsu, Japan. His work has been published in ArLiJo.com, Sediments Literary-Arts Journal, and HoosierLit. He enjoys discovering literature from different cultures and traveling to little-known places.