Fact – Daniel Dissinger

and it is unsaid

this is opal

in his

tell the future

like throwing rice
on rainy wedding day

like you should
behave at a funeral


grab each other
under the table

complete the thoughts
you shared in last night’s
dream naked drowning
perfectly oblivious

memories come in to(o)
many colors and spilled
over some mountains

she points these out
while he follows the naked
contour of her breasts’ shadow to(o)
her arm over elbows and miles
of indigenous forest to(o)
the point on the edge of her

finger where now
that mountain
is simply
a handful
of apple seeds

Daniel DIssingerDaniel Dissinger is a member of the USC Writing Program at USC, he is Beat studies scholar, Ph.D. from Saint John’s University, and an MFA graduate of Naropa University.