Everyday Blessings – Sally Zakariya

She would stand at the sink
singing hymns
elbow deep in dishwater
baptizing each plate with suds
         glory glory praise be
no matter the meal
the food was blessed
we who ate were blessed

She would rock in her chair
on the front porch
back and forth and back
humming the hymnal
darning socks
        praise be
blessed be needle and thread
blessed be socks
and the feet that wear them

Her blessings flowed out
to tomatoes on the vine
sparrows in the oak tree
tomcat by the back door
clouds overhead
neighbors passing by

Somewhere somehow
she’s still on that street
of my childhood
washing dishes
darning socks
dispensing her blessings
        praise be

Sally ZakariyaSally Zakariya’s poems have appeared in 60-some print and online journals. She is the author, most recently, of When You Escape (Five Oaks Press, 2016), as well as Insectomania (2013) and Arithmetic and other verses (2011), and the editor of Joys of the Table (2015). Zakariya blogs at www.butdoesitrhyme.com.