Endurance – Molly Fuller

Sara says there is always the wanting like an ache  It never leaves us
after the ones we love do  After they leave us behind, alone on this earth

There is so much falling into and out of and hoping to be caught
and the rocks are breaking beneath our feet, can you feel them?

Can you feel the rocks shifting?  This planet is not our home
We don’t live here anymore Sara says we are visitors, we are

plunderers, we have taken too much and the plasticity of our love
is not our only sin in this world  Sara talks and talks and I love the way

her mouth moves on the softness of my body  I love the way her mouth
feels on my mouth  I take Sara’s hand   I hold her in my arms  I tell her this

tender moment can last, it can last I tell her knowing that it is fleeting
even as I’m saying it  I can feel her body leaving my body and already

we are becoming ghosts to each other and all the trees are on fire
and the carcinogens in our breasts are multiplying as we stroke each other

softly, embers glowing in the darkness of the night     Sara says she understands
my soft feelings   She says she wants to protect them and hold on to me

as if we were falling  I say that’s nice hon but I’m too far down already
I can’t see the forest or the trees I say  Sara looks through me

Right through me and says the wanting will never end, it won’t ever end
she says but it will become bearable   I close my eyes and see her  I always see her

She pulls me toward her and my skin is cracking and fevered  I say
this is nice, but I know I’ve already messed up   I can only see the trees

are burning   Sara looks at me   I can find her with my eyes closed
Sara says she always wants to feel pain, or else why still live?  She says that to be

alive is to suffer  She asks me, don’t you feel the water rising?  We are robbers,
she says, we put in so much effort and we think the flexibility of our killing

will save us    It is not our only sin in this world   Sarah talks and talks
and I want her mouth to move on the softness of my body   I love the way

she makes my body feel  My skin breaks and heats up  Weightless
as the sea, my cells constellations of fire   This love is unbearable

Molly FullerMolly Fuller is the author of the full-length collection For Girls Forged by Lightning: Prose & Other Poems (All Nations Press). Her work has appeared in 100 Word Story, Kestrel, Oklahoma Review, and NANO Fiction. Fuller was a Finalist for the Key West Literary Seminar Emerging Writer Award. She received her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College.