Dog Day Cigarette – Alec Solomita

On the back step
in the green pulse of crickets
by the rusting Webber

while the neighbors
play catch among
the statuary

and ailing wives
are quiet for a spell
and even talk radio

on the other side
goes silent,

I smoke,
the blue evening relaxes,
and a slight shift

in the breeze
sifts out a fine fragment
of unappeasable winter.

alec-solomitaAlec Solomita’s fiction has appeared in, among other publications, The Adirondack Review, The Mississippi Review, Southwest Review, and Ireland’s Southword Journal. Recently, he’s published poetry in 3Elements Literary Review, Literary Orphans, Silver Birch Press, Turk’s Head Review, Algebra of Owls, Driftwood Press, The Fourth River, and forthcoming, The Olive Press, Sourland Mountain Review, and Fulcrum: An International Anthology of Poetry and Aesthetics. He lives in Somerville, Mass.