devil as night / god as day – Kris Tammer

not so far in as
when there was never further reason
for the ultimatum of morning’s continuum
did non-reversible men
wake their dyslexic shadows
and shuffle them into a line up
on the anaesthetised Ouija board of religion
causing the alchemist’s holographic sigh
to warble into a wraithed vortex
becoming the gourd from which the seven sirens drink the song
that delivers the phosphorous embryo on snake tide
to the nexus of feather time and shiva meridian
where its ecliptic eye sheds hieroglyph’d tears
into the thaumaturgist’s hand
which thumbs through the braille’d book of skies
and joins the dots of an augural constellation
carving an angel from the silk pavilion
that foretells of the one
who will chase the devil down
to his last hiding spot
in the back of
a black cab
in berlin

Kris TammerKris Tammer – writer / musician / street artist / theorist currently studying how to escape mind / body / country without leaving – resides in Melbourne, Australia.