Desert Wild Flowers – Mike Beck

Trust the one thing,
like boulders,
you own for sure
your heaviness
to break you into more
of what you really are
and move you where
you need to be.

One moment I’m freezing in the black air
waiting impatiently for the blue-gray river
of morning to flow down the arroyo
to where I’ve spent the night alone and struggling,
next the sun unexpectedly explodes
over the ridge line sudden and commanding
–a dazzling marquise cut golden gem
spewing pure honeyed light over trackless
miles of hard scrabble desert.

As the fire slowly streams back into my body
I notice a  bevy of small yellow-tongued
wild flowers lapping at my feet and this poem
glistening in the cool air among across the rocky gulch.

drums 1Mike Beck is a retired fighter pilot, a drum maker and a wilderness rites of passage guide who lives in NW Florida where he has a small workshop on the shores of East Bay in Navarre, Fl. He creates custom hand drums and helps others do the same in traditional ways locally and across the breadth of the United States. He also travels around the country facilitating therapeutic drumming events. Additionally, he has trained at the School of Lost Borders in Big Pine, California and Ontos: A Center For Being in Pensacola, Florida to guide a spectrum of pan-cultural spiritual paths to wholeness in the natural world setting. Additionally, he is a published writer and poet and a member of the West Florida Literary Federation.