December Daylight – Patricia Nelson

Dreamt or painted somewhere else,
the small sun gleams and gutters in the grey light,
gaining like a pearl.

The shadows move,
lengthen in their weightless colors,
close to the eye and leaning like stems.

Darkening like old bones
the slants of tall and jointed grasses.
Drops on edges widen and then move.

Each pulls down a single light
a curved image
a color twisting.

Only in dream or distance
the assent to the turning,
the cold, grey wish for light.

Patricia NelsonPatricia Nelson works with the “Activist” group of poets in California, a group founded in the 1930s by Lawrence Hart. This term does not refer to political activism, but to their guiding principle that every word in a poem must be “active” poetically.  She also serves on environmental boards and has worked as an environmental lawyer, focusing mainly on water-related issues. Prior publication credits include Blue Unicorn, Illuminations, Presa, and Lullwater Review.