Daffodils for Papa – Mikaela Curry

Is it my favorite time of year –
Winter becoming spring
Right before my very eyes,
The World awakening

Busy, buzzing, being
Buds becoming, Flowers unfolding
Yellow surrounding, sunlight streaming
Your stillness,
A shadow sneaking

And I think it should be winter,
So the world might match my grief
With cold and gray and dying
Instead of new and vibrant leaf

But as the birds yet singing,
I trade my tears for songs
And when I cannot change the words
I simply hum along

For your last breath is a lily,
Your folded hands a rose
And dying smells like daffodils,
But I’m the only one who knows.

mikaela curryMikaela Curry is a writer, environmentalist and mother. She holds multiple degrees in environmental and earth sciences, spending most of her early career working in scientific fields. She has written poetry for the majority of her life and is currently dedicating herself to pursuing and publishing her poetry and art. Find out more at www.mikaelacurry.com