Cornflower – Madison White

I’ve never seen one
but they are the color of a dress
I do not own yet
the one I will wear on a picnic
some day in June
or maybe I have seen a cornflower
in a dream or in a year
that has thinned almost to paper
I don’t know what cornflower smells like
but perhaps maybe I will
on the day I wear the dress
to the picnic and smile
and let the watermelon juice drip
from my chin to my wrist
a small, blue butterfly will land
there on the sugar
and then I’ll sit
right next to a cornflower
and I will not notice

Madison WhiteMadison White is a full-time college student and part time book shelver, writing tutor, and romantic. She has lived for her whole life in Kansas except for a brief stint in England to which she hopes to return in the fall. Like many Kansans, sunflowers are her favorite flower, she prefers wheat beer, and she’s heard all the Wizard of Oz jokes but is too polite not to laugh. Unlike many Kansans, she has no interest in how the Kansas City Royals are doing.