Civilized – Daniel Edward Moore

Remembrance closes in           the way glass in your hand
                                    convinced the light
           to join your                        aboriginal search
for a life so brief                       how could it know
                          the glory of longing’s burn.

And still we did                            what we’ve always done
                          rubbing sticks on the rocks
of completion                    magnifying the smallest loss

to prove how bad                  the eyes need heat
                            to make us civilized.

Daniel Edward MooreDaniel Edward Moore lives in Washington on Whidbey Island.His poems have been in Spoon River Poetry Review,Columbia Journal, Cream City Review, Western Humanities Review, Phoebe, Mid- American Review, December and others. His poems are forthcoming in Weber Review, Cultural Weekly,Tule Review, Pangolin Review, Poetry South, January Review and Plainsongs. His chapbook, Boys, is forthcoming from Duck Lake Books December 2019. His book, Waxing The Dents was a finalist for the Brick RoadPoetry Prize and will be released February 2020. His work has been nominated for Pushcart Prizes and Best of the Net.Visit him at