Cheering the Ponies w/God – Mike Jurkovic

w/my face against the cloud
and my ass against the burner
I’m cheering the ponies w/God.
Hold my calls I say. God nods
and collects in the third.
Always stick w/the filly He says
and of course he’s right. What other choice
is there for a guy still carrying
his chapbooks w/him
hoping for a sale? But I know better.
I love this ramshackle town he says
w/a genuine smile on his face;
a small rain w/o end in his eyes.
You guys are driving me crazy He tells
the beer man. And you, He says
You’re no better. Bogarting the chips ’n salsa.
I hadn’t noticed. So I moved on to the next topic.
What about Monet’s light I ask,
hoping He’d pick me a winner
before the last race. It colors Heaven
He says like some stock answer He pulled
from his hat but He didn’t have a hat,
just a carefree cloud that I guess he plucked
from Saturn’s tears. Sounds pretty I say,
trying not to sound too eager or envious.
Trying to hold the divine tighter than I had
just a few moments before when I didn’t
redress. Rejoin. Redeem.
It is He says and Garcia stitches sunlight solos
while Ella sings the blues.
We’re in the backstretch, God and I
coming to the understanding that we both
tried our best. Hey, y’know, you were human once
I say in self defense. I know He says,
slipping me the winning ticket.

Mike JurkovicMike Jurkovic, a 2016 Pushcart nominee, poems /music criticism have appeared globally but have yet to generate any reportable income. Full length collections, smitten by harpies & shiny banjo catfish (Lion Autumn Press, 2016) Chapbooks, Eve’s Venom (Post Traumatic Press, 2014) Purgatory Road (Pudding House Press, 2010) Anthologies include: WaterWrites & Riverine (Codhill Press, 2009, 2007) Will Work For Peace (Zeropanik, 1999). VP, Calling All PoetsNew Paltz, NY. Producer of CAPSCASTS, archival recordings from Calling All Poets, available at Music features, interviews & CD reviews appear in Elmore Magazine & the Van Wyck Gazette.