As the Parking Lots Lights Flicker – Ki Russell

The color drains
from the clouds.
Pink drips from cirrus
to fade into gray cumulus.
I press my lips
against your jaw.
Leaves spin across asphalt,
rattle between us.
Night falls
but we never darken.
Shadows stretch,
link an eternal
evening’s infinite
indigo threads
weaving us into
a wandering god’s
back pocket.

Ki RussellKi Russell’s poetry and fiction have appeared in various journals, print and online. Her novel is The Wolf at the Door (Ars Omnia, 2014) and her full-length poetry collection is Antler Woman Responds (Paladin Contemporaries, 2014). She also co-edits poetry for Phantom Drift and serves as a peer reviewer for Whale Road Review. She teaches writing and literature in Eastern Oregon.