And Then She Walks Away – Kathleen Hogan

Little boy, minor planet,
best friend I could have.
I went to see him, little devil,
before he was hit by lightning,
before the cosmic chuckle.
I went to see his true nature,
no harshness, no fear.

Radiance, that patch of sky
dispelled all obstacles,
cleared webs from
among the branches,
the oak, full bloomed soared.
Now promise me, little boy,
that guilt will evaporate.

I went to see him,
little devil, last love.

(Quasi) Found Poem: A Joyful Noise, Krishna Das on Chanting The Names Of God, The Sun, March 2011, Sun Interview by Alexis Adams & Minor Planet’s Name Is Put to a Vote (Planety McPlanetface Need Not Apply), The New York Times, April 12, 2019 by Julia Jacobs

Gold Wing T2016 Poet - Kathleen Hogan - chosen by poetKathleen Hogan is a graduate of the University of Connecticut. Her poetry has been published in Indolent Books What Rough Beast and the Nancy Drew Anthology published by Silver Birch Press. She is a member of the Bloom Reading Series committee in her Washington Heights neighborhood in New York City.