A Nickel Short of Heaven – Audrey Howitt

½ tied laces on black high-tops
just enough to keep them on
as I slip-slide away,
shorts just short of a date
with heaven.

bring a buck or two
to the fair
or the cheatn’ house
close by with its red door
shiny in the sun.

sometimes I sit on the stoop
chew my nails, wait for that sunshine
to creep over to this side
of the street before I head home
high-tops jingle jangling
in the late afternoon.

Audrey HowittAudrey Howitt lives and writes poetry in the San Francisco Bay Area. When not writing, she sings opera and teaches voice. She is also a licensed attorney and licensed marriage and family therapist. Ms. Howitt has been published in: Hecate Magazine, Spillwords Press, Nymphs Poetry Journal, Muddy River Poetry Review, Total Eclipse Poetry and Prose, Chiaroscuro-Darkness and Light, dVerse Poets Anthology, With Painted Words, Algebra of Owls, and Lost Towers Publications.