A Girl Called Rose – Bella Smith

i never could figure out why you showed me that photo
said it was the prettiest day, all the clouds came out
and because the flowers made the sky

                                         a rose color-

but in the picture it was fall and there were no colors, no rosy sky-

the only rose i saw was a girl

in the back of your photo
fingers delicately wrapped around her wine glass
and her hair done just enough
to look like she’d just gotten it done
or maybe she just slept on it weird last night-
she’s wearing a blue dress that doesn’t look new and doesn’t look old
the kind of dress that
makes u want to look at the girl
who’s wearing it instead,
and the shape of it warms your heart just enough
so that you feel a fondness toward the girl
but not enough so that you realize

and she’s standing alone with her back turned to the camera,
a solitude i close my eyes and feel you envy-

well her legs look shaved or else her hair is blonde and she looks
like her name
                                         could be rose;

and i wonder if she’s the one who changed the color of the sky for you
and if you mistook her for a flower
or maybe
something just as colorful,
or was it that she made you
see everything in colors
and you saw purple mountains
and called them flowers
and yellow roads
and tablecloth and cars
and blue sky and white wine

and that girl in the background of your photo who you call

An unfiltered, uninterrupted glance into an intersection of daydreams as told by the perspective of one particular woman

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetBella Smith is a 19-year-old student at Colorado College currently residing in D.C. She plans to pursue a formal career in Sociology and immigration activism, but has used creative writing as her primary outlet since childhood. Her poetry connects dreams with reality; subjecting her prose to a multiplicity of interpretations. ‘A Girl Called Rose’ is Bella’s first formally published work, though her contribution to Panoplyzine has inspired her to pursue future literary opportunities.

Editors’ Note: Congratulations on your debut, Bella! We’re thrilled to share this moment with you and encourage you to keep working on your writing.