Thanks to Our Benefactors – Care to Join Them?


We’re humbled by and grateful to our benefactors, those generous and able souls who help us maintain the business of this artistic endeavor. We hope you’ve been enjoying the fruits of Issue 22. If you’re able, won’t you consider a donation to help us defray our submissions and hosting costs? “Bandwidth ain’t cheap!” Any amount helps, just click the PayPal link in the margin.

Let’s take a moment to thank our most recent donations:

Valerie Bacharach
Gary Grossman
Holly Guran
Ann Howells
Mark Madigan
Stephen McInerney
Clorisa Phillips
Jeannie Roberts
Roberta Schultz
Renee Szostek
Carol Tahir
Noreen Warnock
Mark Williams

We send our hugs! Issue 23 is due out just after New Year’s Day. We’ll be posting our Editors’ Choices beginning next week! And our nominations for the Pushcart Prize are coming soon.

Look for our Call for Submissions in October. soon! As always, thank you for thinking of Panoply.

All best wishes for a lovely autumn,

Andrea, Clara, Jeff, and Ryn

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