Chapbook Reviews!

Do you have a chapbook that will be published between now and mid-June? If so, we may want to write a review! You can scroll down to see our previous reviews. Chapbooks poetry only, please, no full-length.

Your publisher must allow us to publish a review even if it precedes the publication date. (We aim for reviews 90 days on either side the (anticipate) publication date.) There are other basic conditions, including the right to publish the cover art, your headshot, etc.

If you’re interested, please respond here and/or on our Facebook page (Panoply). We’ll reach back to let you know the next steps.

We wish everyone the best of the holiday season and a fine ringing in of 2021!

Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn, Editors

7 thoughts on “Chapbook Reviews!

  1. I have a chapbook that was published in November 2020 by Finishing Line Press. The book is entitled Into This Sea of Green: Poems from the Prairie. I would be very interested in having you review the book if you are interested in doing so. If you are, please let me know how I can get a copy to you. Thanks.

    Janet McMillan Rives


    • Hi Janet, Thanks for the quick response and CONGRATULATIONS! Huge achievement, take heart. The timing is just a bit off, so for the moment, we have to abstain. We’ll keep your chapbook in mind. Best wishes, Jeff


  2. Dear Editors,
    My new sci-fi chapbook collection “What the Gargoyle Sees” has gone into final production and is scheduled to be published early next month by Kelsay Books. It consists of 23 new and selected poems dealing with science fiction, fantasy, myth, and fairy tale retellings. This is my third published collection, and most of the poems originally appeared in various literary journals and magazines. If you are interested in reviewing my chapbook, please let me know what you need.
    Happy Holidays and Thanks.
    Gene Twaronite


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