This Year’s Nominees for the Pushcart Prize!

(Hugh Anderson, Robert Nisbet, Kristin Fullerton, Robert Rene Galvan, Angela Weiser)

Always a highlight for us – to nominate what we consider the finest work within this year’s literary walls. There is so much great poetry out there; we’re grateful and gratified to share some with you and to acknowledge the vision, art, and craftsmanship of these deserving poets. 

Take a moment to read, or re-read their work. You’ll be the better for it. We sure are!

Thanks to all who submitted, all who’s work we’ve published, and now especially to this year’s nominees.

All our love and thanks,

Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn, Editors

In the Wind – Hugh Anderson Issue 15 (Spring)
The Poet&’s Writing Shed – Robert Nisbet (Issue 15, Spring)
Sack and Hammer – Kristin Fullerton (Issue 16, Summer-Autumn)
Sarabande – Robert René Galván (Issue 14, Winter)
Writing Space – Angela Weiser (Issue 15, Spring)

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