Upcoming Editorial Schedule, and More


We hope you’ve enjoyed Issue 15, our Editors’ Choices, our recent review of Alan Perry’s chapbook, Clerk of the Dead. Issue 16’s right around the corner! Here’s our upcoming editorial calendar:

July 10-26  Call for Submissions Open
Sept 4         Publish Issue 16
Sept 7         Editors’ Choice Votes Due (weekly, for 5-6 weeks)

We hope you will consider submitting! You can also Like our Facebook page (Panoply).

Also, please consider making a donation. Panoply is an all-volunteer effort, one we cherish. If you enjoy what you read and would like to support us, please click the PayPal link in the right-hand margin. Our expenses for bandwidth and submissions software cost about $400/year. We pledge not to charge reading fees, with the exception of our rare contests which pay cash to the winners.

We thank our most recent benefactors for their support and generosity!

      Holiday Goldfarb
      Randy Mazie
      Samuel Farrell
      Jennifer Dotson
      Alan Perry

Stay healthy out there, everyone!

Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn, Editors

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