Editors’ Choice, February 21 – 27, “Refugee/fugitive,” – Sean Urbina

In this fine debut piece by Sean Urbina, we learn how dialogue and interpretation bring richness and meaning. We feel the what and the why.

Rain collects on thatching,
             runs down in little puddles

& everything left untended
overflows eventually.

Remember little fugitive.

All things driven from your shelter
still require a place.


A fever is a closing wound
my fever is your asylum.

Even sickness serves a function.

Turns out sorrow is recursive.
               Love is as well,

it’s just harder to solve.
Better to leave the variables undefined.


One drowning refugee says to another
               Let’s save each other.

Let’s make ourselves an ark
of every sunken ship.

Even this is beautiful.
Looking through ripples from
the underside’s surface
Eventually little fugitive,

We tear up everything
not nailed down &
let God have his flood.


Sean Urbina is a healthcare worker and student, living in Austin. Bilingual/biracial. He’s always had his foot in two worlds and has a passion for poetry and prose.

Editors’ Note: This is Sean’s first publication.

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