Thanks to Our Donors

Once again, we pause to thank the many donors who help sustain our little e-zine. Panoply is a labor of love, growing organically, buoyed by the generosity of our readers. (Bandwidth ain’t cheap!) We hope you continue to enjoy what you read here and welcome you to tell your friends! You can also Like our Facebook page (Panoply). 

Recent donors include:

  • Victor Alarcon
  • Anonymous
  • Ginger Dehlinger
  • Grove Koger
  • Randy Mazie
  • JC Reilly
  • Sharon Rubenstein

If you’d like to make a donation, just click the link in the right-hand margin. We do appreciate it!

Look for Issue 13 in late August.

All our best wishes,

Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn, Editors

One thought on “Thanks to Our Donors

  1. Panoplyzine is my favorite literary journal! You not only publish gorgeous poetry, but also your publications are extensive and inclusive of many styles and themes. I love the variety of voices. Thank you.


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