Preview of Issue 10

To whet your appetite for Issue 10, we’re providing a preview here. We’ve got some Asian influence, one piece modeled after Ann Sexton, ones alluding to Medusa, Monet,  Shakespeare and Anastasia, Tsarina of Russia, a revelation from a prison psychologist, a subtle but touching memory of 9/11, hospital settings and pastorals, love, loss, and grief, and more!

Please indulge our obsession with statistics. Here’s a prosaic, analytical look at Issue 10:

  • 26 women, 21 men
  • 23 US states (CA  and NY 6, MA 4, FL, VA, and TX 3)
  • 2 foreign countries, Canada and Wales
  • 12 returning contributors

Thanks to all of our contributors: David Aghram, Tobi Alfier, Judith Arcana, Leah Baker, David Bankson, Patricia Black-Gould, Jacob Borchardt, Jacob Butlett, Raymond Byrnes, Con Chapman, Carol Deering, Daniel Dissinger, Irene Fick, Meg Files, Howie Good, Max Heinneg, Ann Howells, Mark Kerstetter, Olivia Kiers, Issa Lewis, Paulie Lipman, Nate Maxson, SB Merrow, Robert Nisbet, Scott F. Parker, Jonathan Perez, Laurie Petersen, Brittani Rable, stephanie roberts, Bruce Robinson, Gianna Russo, Peter Scacco, Tyler Simnick, Andrew Slugantz, Sarah Snyder, Samn Stockwell, Emily Vizzo, Logan Wei, Stephen Scott Whitaker, Francine Witte, Jennifer Wholey, Robin Wright, Brenda Yates.

We hope you enjoy Issue 10 and thank you for your interest in Panoply. Consider Liking our Facebook page.


Jeff Santosuosso, Editor-in-Chief
Ryn Holmes and Andrea Walker, Editors
Emily Proctor, Guest Editor

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