Pushcart Prize Nominations for 2017

We’re proud, honored, and pleased to announce our nominations for this year’s Pushcart Prize. We hope you enjoy reading these wonderful works and join us in congratulating the nominees. We wish them good luck as the nominations proceed. And of course, we thank all our contributors who have made this year so rewarding and enriching, and our readers for sharing the fine art and talent we’re fortunate to post. 

Astronautics (or, an email I sent to neil degrasse tyson while sitting in whole foods ), by Lily Tice (Issue 7)

Lily Tice

Lily Tice

On the Funeral of a Rice Farmer – Ryan Thorpe (Issue 6)

Ryan Thorpe

Ryan Thorpe

Second Daughter Song – Jody Burke-Kaiser (Issue 5)


Jody Burke-Kaiser

Self-Portrait – Kirsten Hemmy (Issue 6)

Kirsten Hemmy 2

Kirsten Hemmy

White Sheets – Shelby Curran (Issue 7)

Shelby Curran

Shelby Curran

Waking – Leigh Allen (Issue 5)


Leigh Allen


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