Double Issue Upcoming!


Dear Readers:

Due to a welcomed abundance of excellent submissions, we are announcing that for the first time Issue 7 will be divided into sections of Poetry and Prose. We hope you enjoy wandering through the rich landscape of writing that our contributors have provided. Thank you for your interest in Panoply.

Look for Issue 7 on August 18.

Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn

5 thoughts on “Double Issue Upcoming!

    • Very exciting. Historically, we’ve tried to limit total pieces to about 50, often settling at around 60. We don’t “count,” we publish what we like. This time, we had about 3x our normal and expected submissions! Thus, Issue 7 will contain about 90 fantastic pieces, separated by poetry and prose. Looking good. – Jeff


      • I’m excited for the double issue! I need to withdraw a submission you’re currently considering (“The Return”). It’s been accepted for publication elsewhere, and I’m not able to leave a note in Submittable, Thanks so much for all your effort. –Anna Kander


      • Congratulations for your acceptance, Anna! We’re always pleased when our submitters meet with publication. Issue 7 of Panoply will be chock full of wonderful poetry and prose, each in its own section, a precedent for us! Look for it on August 18.

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  1. dear Jeff,

    I don’t know how to get a message to you otherwise (I did send a message to your address found at Poets & Writers) and Submittable closes communication once a piece has been rejected or accepted. Bottomline: The three pieces are available for publication. I also sent a headshot with the Poets & Writers (which I’m concerned may land in your SPAM folder under Nostrabobus)


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