Care to donate? Please do!

As we conclude our Call for Submissions for Issue 7, anticipated for publication on or about August 17, we’d like to ask you to consider donating to Panoply. It’s easy, just us the PayPal link in the right-hand margin. This is an all-volunteer activity, with Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn contributing all the time, effort, and finances to the cause. We pay third-party expenses for bandwidth for the site as well as our submissions service.

We pledge to never charge a reading fees for regular submissions. (If we ever get around to a chapbook or other type of contest, we may opt for fees for that specific activity.) If you enjoy Panoply, please consider supporting the editorial/publication team, as well as our wonderful contributors.

Thanks for thinking of Panoply. Look for Issue 7 on our about August 17.

4 thoughts on “Care to donate? Please do!

  1. Hello there editor types at Panoplyzine. I am one of those writers who strives to follow the darn submission guidelines, but sometimes I get excited and fail yes FAIL to do my due diligence. I am guilty of sending three flash fiction pieces and the last in the series has over 800 words. Yes over the limit so I am humbly asking that it be withdrawn. Sorry ’bout that. Sincerely, OldPoetMan. Oh yeah the title is Fables of the Reconstruction No. 3.


    • Hi Ray, I think we maxed out our limit with Submittable. We got overwhelmed this time with submissions. I’m really sorry, but I think we are unable to accept more submissions due to our constraints with Submittable. We DO appreciate your interest and hope your work finds a suitable home. We’ll be working to prevent the overload in the future and hope you’ll consider submitting to Panoply in the future. Best wishes, Jeff


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