Thanks for the Donations

A shout out of gratitude to our generous benefactors. At Panoply, we pledge not to charge reading fees for regular issues. (We’re contemplating a paid and paying contest sometime.) Nor do we charge a subscription.

But bandwidth ain’t cheap. So we ask that if you enjoy what you’ve been reading, consider a donation via PayPal. Just check the link right here, thanks.

Blessings to our contributors to date:

  • Tobi Alfier
  • William Blome
  • Alan Harris
  • Sabrina Hicks
  • Carolyn Martin (twice!)
  • Tracy Mishkin
  • James Penha
  • Rachel Reese

In so many ways, we cannot do this without! We deeply appreciate your generosity.

Don’t forget that our Call for Submissions for Issue 6, themed “daylight,” closes at 11:59 pm US Central time on April 2. We expect to publish the issue on or about May 5.

Best wishes,
Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn


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