We’ll Be Reviewing Chapbooks

Following requests from our readers, we’ve agreed to begin reviewing up to 3 chapbooks per year, beginning around early July. We’d be honored and pleased to review your work in some depth. Our specifications:

  • 1 review at a time
  • Likely timing for reviews to appear: March, July, November (These dates are at about the midpoint of our 3 issues each year.)
  • Your chapbook must be recently or imminently published, preferably within 30 days of the publication of our review.
  • We ask that qualifying chapbooks be sent to us with at least 30 days’ notice. For instance, we’d like to see chapbook MS for the early July publication around the end of May – beginning of June.
  • We will prepare a “full” review of about 500-750 words to appear on Panoply and to be promoted on our Facebook page. We will also write a “blurb,” which we ask to be included somewhere in your publication.
  • We will choose which chapbook MS to review and notify all submitters as promptly as possible. For the time being, we foresee a submission via Submittable, with some specific notation in the title of the submission that you’re submitting a chapbook MS. (Please do not submit until we firm this up. Feel free to inquire with a comment here. We will respond promptly.)
  • We’ll ask for a head shot, bio, and if available, cover art, to be included in our review.

With so much wonderful work out there, we look forward to making the tough choice of which chapbook to review each time and pledge to treat your work with the greatest care and respect.

By the way, don’t forget that Issue 6’s Call for Submissions is open now, closing April 2 at 11:59 pm US Central time. Our theme is “daylight.” Please consider submitting poetry and/or short prose related to this theme. For details, please visit: Panoply’s Submittable Page.

Thanks for thinking of Panoply,

Andrea, Jeff, and Ryn

2 thoughts on “We’ll Be Reviewing Chapbooks

    • Hello Jami
      Congratulations on the imminent publication of your chapbook! We’re pleased for you. Thanks for reaching out. We’ll confer and reply to you shortly. (Ironically, the person scheduled to conduct the next review is headed out of town for a 2 weeks, so it may be a while until you hear from us.) I’ll send you an email offline. Once again, we send you all happiness and good cheer.
      Best wishes,
      Jeff Santosuosso

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